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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Animal Portraits   

What subjects do I take on?

ANIMAL PORTRAITS:    I always suggest you let me study the head and shoulders of your favourite animal. The eyes probably are “the windows to the soul” and careful study is vital to your feeling of the final portrait - “That’s him!” With all creatures the bone structure, muscles around the eyes, ears and mouth and fur/skin colour is what you recognise and need to see portrayed exactly. The rest of the animal could suit more than one face – a ”breed standard” is a “breed standard”!

  Human Portraits   

HUMAN PORTRAITS:     Similar rules apply! However you may like the portrait in black and white which can provide a stronger study. As with photographs, those in monochrome can prove striking.


CARICATURES:    I’m sneaky – I don’t go big noses/ ears etc but rather identify the features accurately with the line of a pen.  Again this can be in colour or black & white. The body is traditionally only as big as the head and, with cartooning, I can work in the subject’s job/hobbies/fancies/foibles/age etc etc!!


ALL THE ABOVE ARE DONE FROM PHOTOGRAPHS which means we can work together wherever you are

ALL THE ABOVE ARE CREATED BY HAND IN PEN AND/OR WATERCOLOUR. I may keep a digital copy in case you come back for one

ALL THE ABOVE ARE PRESENTED TO YOU GLAZED IN A MOUNT. The colour of the mount is chosen to suit the subject – the framing and its colour is up to you! My work will be up to A3 size (about 16”x12” or 40 x 30cm) and then the mount card.


Are you interested in talking about…


is there an picture in your head that I could put down on paper for you?

Many of my commissions are pure creations and some a joint effort!



“Where” do I do all this?

MY STUDIO  is in Hayle Cornwall – aren’t I lucky?! The old Great Western Railway provided Stations on their line all the way to Penzance.

Just to make sure that I am in before you pop by give me a call:


 07801 320 791 (or email me at:


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