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A Creative look at the Salesman

( In you ?)

So - Lets get back to the drawing board (.com)

Now, being honest, you could be related to him.

He led a much simpler life and if he had a good

idea he'd paint it all over the wall-not the web.

We are beginning to lose the idea that we are

human beings and we sell to other human beings.

Please get it right, companies don't buy from or sell to companies -

People buy from people, or specifically people buy from people they like. if you want to SELL your brilliant ideas to others (I said "sell" not "market" !) you'd better be the one they remember and the one they trust. I'll make sure they do that - trust me, I'm a salesman ! A breed much derided over the years but you'll need one, one of these days. So try me. To start, allow me to add a vital ingredient to your business cards - your own unique selling proposition, your caricature,

you and only you !

Then I can take you and your team through all or any part of the skills you need, whether forgotten or never acquired. I can do it one on one or as a group. Call me - we need to communicate ! My details are Below.

Jeremy Joslin

 07801 320 791

or just press the email link below

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